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If you use a key chain remote control to lock your car doors - Read This:

A standard remote control sends a signal through the airwaves to the electronic door lock system of your car. Convenient as it is, you are better off to lock and unlock your doors manually. Here’s why:

Criminals are using more and more technology these days. There is actually a device out there that can capture the frequency code of your remote. Once you walk away from the vehicle and into a store, the criminal can simply re-transmit your cloned frequency code and easily unlock your car door. You return to your vehicle, none-the-wiser, and notice that all your valuables are missing and there is no sign of a break in.  So – police officers advise to lock your door by hitting the lock button inside the car, that way if there is someone sitting in the parking lot watching scanning codes from their next victim, it will not be you.




Useful Phone Numbers:

Emergency 911
Non-emergency Police Dept. 837-7780
Police District Service Line 551-3181
Report Code Violations 893-7373
Mayor's Action Center
Code Violations, other issues
Reclaimed Water 892-5111
Mosquito Control 464-7503
Refuse Pickup 893-7360
Rodent Control 893-7360
Drug Tip Hotline: (anonymous) 522-5900