Coquina Key. The Friendly Island


Candidates for Officers:


Torii Morgan
I have lived here on Coquina Key for almost 2 years and I am enthusiastic about contributing to our island community. I have an 8 year old daughter and a wonderful husband of 15 years. My parents live on Coquina Key as well. So from the perspective of my family and being a property owner, I would really like to see the island flourish and prosper.
My professional experience comes from Citicorp and Chase Manhattan Bank and where I acquired skills in team leadership, project management, and budget responsibilities. Having served as Secretary on the CKNA Board in 2008, I see how important it is to have strong teamwork and involvement from residents.
My goal is to get neighbors working together to make this island the prestigious community it has the potential to be.

Vice President

Steve Maltezos
I was born to a Greek immigrant father and an American mother in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1977. I grew up 1 hour south of New Orleans, in a small town of Houma. After high school, I earned a soccer scholarship to the Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville and played college soccer for 2 years. I then transferred to LSU and earned a degree in Sociology with concentration in Criminology in 2000. Over the next 4 years, I traveled and worked various jobs experiencing cities such as Chicago and Fort Lauderdale and working jobs from a court runner for a law firm to a waiter at Houston’s Restaurant in Pompano Beach, Florida, to Special Events/Security/Catering at the House of Blues in New Orleans.

In 2004 I attended Barry School of Law in Orlando, Florida, graduating with my Juris Doctorate and with honors in 2007. I am currently an Assistant State Attorney in the 13th Judicial Circuit in Hillsborough County and have been prosecuting crimes in the Tampa area for over 1 year now.

I have lived in Coquina Key since July 2007, and I enjoy hunting and fishing whenever I get the chance. I love living on this island and I look forward to becoming more involved by helping to bring positive changes to our great community!!!!

Chris Winter
I have lived on Coquina Key Island for over 6 years and am a native to St. Petersburg Florida. I am married and have two children.

By trade, I am a beautification and horticulture specialist. I currently work with a landscaping company installing irrigation. I assisted with redeveloping the irrigation for the Waterside properties here in Coquina Key and take a great deal of pride in my work. I am also a registered weather watcher for Sky Warn – a division of National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

I am self motivated and committed to improving the status of this island. One of my primary interests is getting the neighborhood engaged in community activities. We have such a wonderful and diverse group of people living on this island that it would be a shame not to unite for the good cause of improving the community.


Gloria Bussey
I spent the last twenty-three years of my career as a career independent agent with AFLAC. Prior to that I owned and operated a large western store in the southeast specializing in authentic western wear, show saddles, and tack. I was also involved in the show horse industry as well. Before moving back to St. Petersburg and to Coquina Key in 2004 the ranch operated as a training horse, and cattle facility.

I do as much volunteer work as possible for Hospice of the Florida Suncoast. I have been involved putting on fund raising charitable events as well as working at the thrift store on 49th St. and 38th Ave. I have also volunteer for, The Pink Ribbons Crusade. Last year Pink Ribbons had on loan the exhibit, "Royalty Triumphs and Tragedies" located in The Museum of History, downtown St. Petersburg.

My interest in becoming more involved with the association is very simple. We live on the Island. We have a financial investment here. I would like to raise more resident awareness on our island and see more people on the island get involved in the community they live in.


Ron Klemme
I have lived on Coquina Key Island for over 10 years now and have regularly been involved with the neighborhood association. I am the book keeper for my church and in 2008 I served as Treasurer on the CKNA Board. I am the chairperson of the Pool and Clubhouse committee and have been actively involved the improvements to our clubhouse.

I am committed to our community and would like to pursue organizing more social events for our residents. I enjoy sailing, and video and computer productions.

Candidates for Directors:

John Colombo
I came to St Pete in 1970 after serving as a Highway Patrol officer in New Jersey. I have been self-employed ever since. My current business is Suncoast Pavers, which I have owned and operated since 1994.

In the mid to late ‘70s, I actively served on the board for the St. Petersburg Tennis Center and held the position of chairman for a number of years.

I moved onto Coquina Key in 1992 and very much enjoy the island life; especially boating. I have seen many changes on the island since ’92. Most of them have been very positive; particularly the improvements to our clubhouse and pool. It’s nice to have a facility we can be proud of and feel comfortable using with family and friends.

I have been actively involved with some of the issues on our island. I participated on the project team that evaluated and acted upon the speed control issue for the island. I also participated on the committee to address the canal drudging issues.

My goal as director on the CKNA Board is to assertively pursue the attention and support from the city of St. Petersburg so that Coquina Key and other Southside neighborhoods can receive benefits similar to those granted to the Northside communities.

Dan Poindexter
I have been a Dock Master and a General Manager of a few large marinas. I have worked with law enforcement through the years and have been a safety/security officer at a local college. I was a member at the Pointer institute and would like to contribute to the CKNA association in the area of Crime Watch. I feel that with my background and experience I could help coordinate and activate an effective Crime Watch program for our island.

Lois C Witkowski
I have lived on the island for 15 years and have been the clerk for the elections on this island for nearly 10 years. I'm the mother of 6 children, a graduate nurse, merchandiser for American Greetings and a homemaker. I have been on the board of the Garden club for several years. I have been very involved in improving the appearance of our clubhouse and would like to see more community activities take place there. I would look forward to continuing my service to the community as a director on the board.

Davy Williams
I have worked with an International Adhesives Corp. for 39 years. I started with the company as a maintenance man trainee in 1970. Through hard work I obtained the role of sales manager and later was promoted to Division Manager. I am now a consultant for the company and have earned the nickname “Mr. Glue”.

I have lived in St Pete since ’83, and am the past Commander for Sons of the American Legion and Am Vets. I enjoy music, motorcycles, boating and fishing, camping, and white water rafting when I get the chance. I am a dedicated individual and would enjoy the opportunity to serve this community as a board member. I look forward to the challenges and am confident that I will do a great job.

Mike Gulley
Since coming to Florida in 2001, I have been active in the Coquina Key Neighborhood Association as a Board member (2003-2004), Treasurer (2005) and President (2006-2007). I shared the Coquina Key newsletter editorship with my wife Carolyn from 2004 to 2008.

My focus on Coquina Key has been to build the neighborhood from the grass roots up. During my term as President we spent a lot of time updating our clubhouse and using it for the benefit neighborhood, utilized the various volunteers to deliver our monthly newsletter to all 1100 homes, clean up our two parks and staff our various island wide clean-ups. While I did not start many of those programs, I was able to maintain them an expand them.

I am currently the 1st Vice-President of the Council of Neighborhoods and a member of CONA’s Public Safety Committee. I intend to use those roles to help facilitate organizing some the public safety initiatives on Coquina Key. I am also a member of the Florida Citizens Emergency Response Team– a program to help us help each other in times of natural disaster.

In my business life, I help people meet their financial goals as a Financial Services Representative and Compliance Officer at Levin Financial. Family--My wife, Carolyn and I have been together for almost 40 years and we have 2 sons in Kansas

I am looking forward to continuing my involvement in the Coquina Key Neighborhood Association.

Useful Phone Numbers:

Emergency 911
Non-emergency Police Dept. 837-7780
Police District Service Line 551-3181
Report Code Violations 893-7373
Mayor's Action Center
Code Violations, other issues
Reclaimed Water 892-5111
Mosquito Control 464-7503
Refuse Pickup 893-7360
Rodent Control 893-7360
Drug Tip Hotline: (anonymous) 522-5900