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​​There is a $2 Service Fee for all CC Transactions

Coquina Key Neighborhood Association depends entirely on volunteers. Since working alongside other volunteers is one of the easiest ways to get to know others, our volunteer activities help to promote the “friendly Island” character of our neighborhood, as well as making our island a better place to live. 

You really get to know your neighbor after you've sweated beside them!  Once you've completed a neighborhood project you will have forged new friendships and enhanced pride of ownership on our unique island.
Our nature is to be very open to ideas and proposals initiated by individuals. In fact, most of the activities you'll read about here have come about through the interest and willingness of our residents to volunteer their ideas, talents, and time. The result is a vibrant, collection of engaged community of neighbors who enjoy coming together and making Coquina Key an even more desirable place to live.

We welcome all Island residents - homeowners, renters and proprietors of businesses - to participate in CKNA. While we encourage residents to support our organization with an annual $40.00 household membership but it is not a requirement.


The goal of the Coquina Key Neighborhood Association is to create an island community of which every resident can be proud. The association sponsors events and services throughout the year.  A few of these events and services are the Annual Garage Sale, Neighborhood Cleanup, maintain the club house, and many other activities.


Any resident of Coquina Key - whether a property owner or renter - is eligible to become a member of our neighborhood association. It is a voluntary organization and there are no mandatory association fees.
Annual membership dues help to support the work of the association. Needs continually change, but all have to do with strengthening the beauty, character, and friendliness of our island neighborhood.  Some examples: Island beautification, Island clean-up, clubhouse maintenance and supplies, maintaining community signage and lighting, enhancing Island safety and crime prevention.

Since we are a non-profit organization, all or part of your membership donation may be tax deductible.  Please consult with your accountant or tax advisor.

CK Neighborhood Meetings


Enjoy your Summer!

CKNA Meetings will resume in September!

The Board will continue to work behind the scenes with the City and local officials.

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