Coquina Key. The Friendly Island

Coquina Key Clubs

Coquina Key Islanders are an active bunch of people. Many of them are involved in activities including boating, fishing, car collecting and gardening.

If you would like to start a club and use the clubhouse call (727) 821-5526 or email

Cookin' on the Key

This is an online club where we share our recipes, cooking and food shopping tips, pictures of our food, and other things. In the future we may have meetings and cooking demonstrations at the clubhouse.

To add to the clubs pantry of pictures and recipes, send email to

Click here to go to the cooking club.

Useful Phone Numbers:

Emergency 911
Non-emergency Police Dept. 893-7780
Police District Service Line 551-3181
Report Code Violations 893-7373
Mayor's Action Center
Code Violations, other issues
Reclaimed Water 893-7261
Mosquito Control 464-7503
Refuse Pickup 893-7360
Rodent Control 893-7360
Drug Tip Hotline: anonymous 892-5000
Text a Tip 420-8911
CKNA 821-5526